Contemplative Mass

Saturdays at 5:30 PM we offer our Contemplative Mass.

The Contemplative Mass is a very quiet space, one defined by more senses then most church services.  It is dark, with the front of the church lit by dozens of votive candles.  The fragrance of frankincense fills the sanctuary.  Prayers are chanted with the support of musicians versed in early music (and who are very good at including all of us in the chants, many of them from the Taize Community in France).  It is quiet, peaceful, and just the kind of space that can help put you in a posture of receptivity to God, just the kind of place where you can partake in the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

Saturday High Mass...Chant...Incense...Candlelight\
From the depths of our Anglo-Catholic tradition.

Some of us miss the smells and bells of an Anglo-Catholic upbringing.  Some of us long for a more meditative approach to Christian worship.  Some of us seek a base community for our contemplative practices.  Some of us simply appreciate being with others in a beautiful, purposeful space.

The incense is lovely.

The community is welcoming.

The preaching is progressive.

And the well is very, very deep.


We look forward to seeing you.