Realm @COR e-Giving

Great news! Church of the Resurrection has a new option for giving that makes it easier…  Easier for you to make your gift, easier for you to track your giving and easier for the church to process. (Our bookkeeper has to hand process checks and online PayPal donations, gifts through Realm go directly into our accounts, saving us significant bookkeeping expenses.) It also helps the church keep up a steady income during this challenging time. Despite the closure of the church, we still have many on-going expenses. To take advantage of the Realm e-giving option you must have a Realm profile. For those who already have a Realm profile, please skip to the next paragraph. Head to this page for an overview of Realm if you are unfamiliar with it. If you would like to set up a Realm profile, the first step is to check your past e-mails. You should have received an e-mail from Robbie Forkish earlier this year or late last year inviting you to set up your Realm profile. If you still have that e-mail, open it and follow the directions. If you can’t find that invitation please e-mail Robbie Forkish at and ask him to send another invitation.

Realm e-giving allows you to make one time gifts to the church via your computer or via text messaging from your phone. It also allows you to set up a recurring gift. It is a quick and easy process on line. On the Church of the Resurrection website, under the “Giving” menu there is a link directly to your Realm giving page. You can also go there directly using the following URL or just log into your Realm homepage.

From your Realm homepage and under the Community menu, found on the left side of screen, click on “Giving”.  To make a gift simply click on the blue “+ Give” button.

Realm @COR Giving Button

You will be taken to an online giving form (see the example below).

Realm @COR Giving Form

You simply enter the amount you wish to give, specify whether it is toward your 2020 pledge or, if you haven’t pledged, your gift will go to the “Givers of Record” account (both options can be found in the dropdown menu under Fund). In the future we will add options to give to restricted funds like the Flower fund, Youth fund, etc., but for this start up we are just focusing on giving to our budget. You can elect a “Give Once” option or if you prefer you can set up a recurring gift by clicking “Give Multiple Times”. You will have five different giving intervals to choose from as well as the start date. If you tend to give the same amount on a regular basis, the recurring giving option has benefits for both you and the church.

Realm @ COR Giving Form Showing Frequency

You no longer have to remember to write a check, or wonder if you are up-to-date on your giving. The church benefits from having regular pledge income and doesn’t face the seasonal swings in giving, like the traditional drop while people are on vacations. You can always cancel the recurring gift at any time and return to one time giving. Once you have entered your gift information, you should click “Continue” which take you to a page where you will need to enter the routing number and account number for your checking account. Realm’s e-giving vendor is Vanco which provides a secure system that protects your identity and account information. Realm has thoroughly vetted Vanco and our church will comply with the strict processes Vanco has in place.  For more information about account security please contact the church treasurer, Frank Koch at Your name and address are already in the system through your Realm profile. When you click continue, you will be asked if you would like to contribute an extra 1% to offset the processing costs that Vanco charges the church per transaction.  This is completely optional.

Realm @COR Giving Method and Processing Donation

Once you click “Give $  ”, within seconds of making your gift, it will be posted to Realm and you should receive a confirming e-mail. Also if you look under the Giving tab of the Community menu, you will see an updated giving history.  Your gift will show that it is pending, until the funds clear, usually within one business day. The time from starting to make your gift until you receive your receipt is about 30 seconds! For recurring gifts you will also receive a confirming e-mail when each gift is made.

For partners who jointly pledge and give, at this point the gifts must be tied to a single Realm profile. So if you both have Realm profiles, you should choose which profile to use for your giving. If you give some of your pledge through one partner’s name and the rest through the other partner’s name, this is not really a problem; but to track your giving, you will have to look at both profiles to see the total giving to date. And you will receive two statements for tax reporting.

You can also give via a text message from your Smartphone. For example, if you wish to give $50 toward your 2020 pledge just text ECOR pledge $50 to 73256 to give to 2020 Pledge Campaign using your text messaging. If you aren’t pledging, just text ECOR nonpledge $50 to 73256. Standard text message rates do apply.

The vestry is strongly encouraging everyone to start using Realm e-giving if they are able. There are significant benefits to both the giver and the church. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Frank Koch.