How to Give Using Realm

Great news! Church of the Resurrection has a new and easier option for giving. Easier to make and track your giving, and easier for the church to process. Checks and online PayPal donations have to be processed by hand, but gifts through Realm go directly into our accounts, saving us significant bookkeeping expenses. It helps us by providing a steady income during this challenging times when, despite the closure of the church, we still have many on-going expenses.

The vestry strongly encourages everyone to use Realm e-giving if they are able. And the time from starting to make your gift until you receive your receipt is only about 30 seconds!

To learn how to use Realm to give to the church, please watch the video below or follow the instructions further down.


Create a Realm profile. If you already have a Realm profile, skip to the next paragraph. Head to this page for an overview of Realm if you are unfamiliar with it. To set up a Realm profile, first check your past e-mails, as you should have received an e-mail from Robbie Forkish in 2019 inviting you to set up your Realm profile. Open that e-mail and follow the directions. If you can’t find it, please e-mail Robbie and ask for another invitation.

Give via smartphone. You can also give via a text message from your Smartphone. For example, to give $50 toward your 2021 pledge, text ECOR pledge $50 to 73256. If you aren’t pledging, text ECOR nonpledge $50 to 73256. Standard text message rates do apply.


Give via our website. Click on “Support Us”, then on “Give via Realm @ COR“. This will take you directly to your Realm giving page, where you can make one-time or recurring gift to the church.


Give via your Realm Home Page. Log in to Realm, click on Community on the left side of the screen, then on “Giving”, and finally on the blue “+ Give” button.

Realm @COR Giving Button

You will be taken to an online giving form (see the example below).

Realm @COR Giving Form

Enter the amount.

Select where you want your gift to go. In the dropdown menu under Fund, choose whether your gift is for your 2021 pledge or the “Givers of Record” account for those who haven’t pledged.

Elect to Give Once or Multiple Times. For recurring gifts, there are five different giving intervals to choose from, as well as a start date.

Realm @ COR Giving Form Showing Frequency

If you tend to give the same amount regularly, the Give Multiple Times benefits you and the church. You no longer have to remember to write a check, or wonder if you are up-to-date. The church benefits from a regular pledge income and avoids seasonal swings during vacations. You can always cancel the recurring gift at any time and return to one-time giving.

Click Continue.

Enter your checking information; i.e. your checking account’s routing and account numbers. Say if you would like to contribute an extra 1% to offset processing costs charged to the church per transaction. This is completely optional.

Realm @COR Giving Method and Processing Donation

Click Give.

Check your e-mail for confirmation.

Look in Realm to see updates on your giving history. Click on Community, then Giving in Realm to see whether your funds have been deposited, usually within one business day. For recurring gifts you will also receive a confirming e-mail when each gift is made.

Frequently asked questions

How secure is giving through Realm? Realm’s e-giving vendor, Vanco, provides a secure system to protect your identity and account information. Realm has thoroughly vetted Vanco and our church will comply with the strict processes Vanco has in place. 

Who can see my information? Realm is a closed system, so unlike with Facebook and other social media, others on the Internet cannot see Realm information. The only people who could see your contact details and pictures are those who belong to Resurrection and have logged in to Realm. Even then you can still limit who can see anything to Resurrection staff or the groups you belong to, for example. We’d like the directory in Realm to work like a printed directory, where you can go to get hold of one another. The directory is not available through the Realm smartphone app, only through the web app.

Can my partner and I give jointly? For partners who jointly pledge and give, gifts must be tied to a single Realm profile. So if you both have Realm profiles, you should choose which profile to use for your giving. If you give some of your pledge through one partner’s name and the rest through the other’s, you will have to look at both profiles to see the total giving to date. And you will receive two statements for tax reporting.

For more information about giving or about account security please contact the church treasurer, Frank Koch.