March 16, 2023

Psalms, Poems, and Repentance:  A Lenten Morning Retreat
  On Saturday March 25th Resurrection will be hosting a Lenten retreat. We’ll be learning using the practice of lectio divina both in community and in solitude as a way to experience poetry and let it touch our minds and souls.
  We’ll begin with a psalm and move from there through other biblical poetry and into classical and finally more modern poetry. In addition to the bible, we’ll be using the books “The Word in the Wilderness: A Poem a Day through Lent and Easter” by Malcom Guite and “The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse” by Donald Davie. You can find them on Amazon here and here or at your favorite book store, but you don’t need to purchase either for the retreat. 
  We will meet in the green room and begin our day with Morning Prayer at 9:00 am and conclude by noon. We won’t be sharing lunch, but snacks will be available.