March 9, 2023

Through the year we take moments to get our lives in order. We look at our finances at tax time, polish the house during spring cleaning. We have physical exams near our birthdays or take some time for a marriage check up around our anniversaries.
  Lent is a great time to get our spiritual lives in order. Take some time to think about your spiritual life. Is it new and exciting, comforting and sustaining, or is it starting to feel dull? How often do you notice God at work in the world and in your own life? Is your prayer life satisfying? Do you give enough to church or charity that it feels like a spiritual practice instead of a bill? How long since you picked up your bible? When is the last time your prayed with your partner or spouse?
  It would be wonderful to just go to church once a week and find our spirits nourished and our love for others overflowing. It doesn’t work that way, though. Like our finances, health, and relationships, our spiritual lives take attention, willpower, effort, and sometimes help from an advisor or counselor. It’s also helpful to have someone else helping us, just as they might help us watch our diet or build our savings. I hope we’ll take some time this Lent for an annual spiritual review and that share it with someone close to you who can help you stay on track.