Office Hours

Closed Mondays
9am - 1pm Tuesdays - Fridays
Fr. Brent is generally in Wednesday - Sunday; hours vary.

HSK Outstanding Requests

The HSK Packing Party takes place each Wednesday at 1:30pm in the COR Parish Hall.

  Request Nbr.   Agency #Adults F/M       #Children F/M  
"2256" "Opportunity Village Eugene"     "1 / 0" "0 / 0"
"2257" "Catholic Community"     "1 / 1" "0 / 0"
"2258" "Laurel Hill Center"     "0 / 1" "0 / 0"

Home Starter Kit Agencies:

To view a PDF version of the most recent Home Starter Kit request form, click here (PDF) (To save this document, use your browser's file menu: e.g. for Firefox: File -> Save Page As.)

If you would like an editable copy of the form (MS Word), please contact the church secretary at 541-686-8462 who can send it to you via email.