Fr. Brent Was

Fr. Brent Was, our Rector, is certain that the Reign of God is truly at hand, and that the only thing keeping it from manifesting is our collective inability and unwillingness to actually live like the Reign of God is at hand. It is this understanding of the world that led Fr. Brent to the ordained ministry in general, and to Church of the Resurrection in particular.


Originally from the North Shore of Boston, Fr. Brent served as a tank and infantry officer in the Marine Corps before spending a couple of years in corporate management and sales. His trajectory changed abruptly in 2000 when he felt an urgent (and wholly unexpected) call to ministry. He completed a Masters of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School in 2005, and a Doctor of Ministry from Episcopal Divinity School (also in Cambridge, MA) in 2010, where he completed a thesis on the theology of sustainable agriculture.

Fr. Brent was ordained in the Diocese of Massachusetts and served as Curate at St. James Episcopal Church in Amesbury, Massachusetts, before being called to serve Church of the Resurrection, where he arrived on All Saint’s Day, 2011. He was elected Rector in 2013.

A spiritual descendant of the Oxford Movement, Fr. Brent’s Anglo-Catholicism manifests in higher than average liturgical forms and a strident social gospel ministry. He currently serves on the board of Opportunity Village Eugene (a self-governed, micro-housing project for the unhoused), is a regular at Occupy Medical and has his fingers in (too) many other pies in the greater-Eugene community. As St. James wrote, “faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Fr. Brent did not come to Eugene alone. He is married to Windy Dayton, and they have two young daughters, Hannah Maeve and Brigid. They live in Jasper, (10 miles east of Eugene) where Windy and the girls run a homestead goat dairy and raise pigs and eggs for market. If he is not at church or OVE, he can probably be found doing what Windy tells him to do on the farm, preferably involving a chainsaw or tractor.