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This Week at Resurrection

For the list of weekly events, head to the This Week’s Events page. More details about our current Adult Formation and Wednesday Book Chat topics can be found in the Weekly Announcements area of the website.

Letter from Interim Rector, Fr. Bob

Click here to read Fr. Bob’s letter to the congregation.

Resurrection’s COVID-19 Response

Currently the church is closed for all services and activities. We are keeping an eye on the changing situation, and how we can best keep our community safe as we look towards reopening. You can sign-up for our weekly newsletter for up to date information.

How Resurrection is Staying Connected:

On a daily basis we publish via email the daily Bible lectionary every morning (consecutive scripture readings from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian Epistles, the Gospels and a selection of Psalms).  In the evening, our Deacon, Lauri Watkins and her husband, Mike, provide some form of evening prayer to close the day (often Compline).  This is now available with a single click as a video Zoom file.  It’s a great way to close the day.  Sign-Up for the newsletter to check it out!

On a weekly schedule via email we provide the parish on-line newsletter, Tune-up, where both Deacon Lauri and Fr. Dorsch normally contribute an article, as well as the office providing any announcements for the community.  On Sundays we provide a virtual “service,” much like you would hear if we were worshipping together, although obviously there is no communion.  You can listen to familiar voices doing the gathering rite, the lessons and sung psalm, and the Prayers of the People.  The sermon is available both in written form and as a Zoom video. Sign-Up for the newsletter to receive these emails.

Even Coffee Hour is now available each Sunday at noon.  If you click on that link or call in from your phone you can “catch up” with others in the congregation.  It’s great to see or at least hear how others are coping with the isolation this pandemic has brought upon us. Sign-Up for the newsletter to receive an invitation to our Virtual Coffee Hour.

COVID-19 Links:


Oregon State Health Authority

Lane County Public Health

Diocese of Oregon