Mission & Vision

The Church of the Resurrection is trying to be a church of Jesus Christ. We are a progressive, welcoming, socially-engaged Episcopal parish in the south end of Eugene, Oregon. All are welcome here.

We are a member of the Community of Welcoming Congregations

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Church of the Resurrection is to invite all people to unity with God and each other.  We pursue our mission as we pray and worship, proclaim the Gospel, and promote justice, peace and love.”

Vision Statement

The Church of the Resurrection exists to spread God’s love into the world through teaching and action consonant with the traditions of the Episcopal Church.  We envision a world in which baptismal vows are made real by the expression of these core values:

  • We welcome all to join us in worship and ministry
  • We respect the dignity and unique gifts of every human being
  • We seek and serve Christ in all people, loving our neighbors as ourselves
  • We desire to grow as a community of God’s people by reaching out to others
  • We strive for justice and peace among all people
  • We desire to be active in the world as witnesses of God’s love
  • We pledge ourselves to compassion and service, supporting one another in local, national, and international ministries

5 Year Goals

• Building Maintenance: Maintain/update fire safety system, phone system, parish kitchen, external parts of our building including siding repair, gutters and downspouts, new energy efficient heating system (This is a sample of a longer list of items identified and being worked through by our Property Committee; substantial progress has been made.)

• Building Structure and Expansion: Develop a plan for a modest physical plant expansion in the context of a long-range plan for the church.  Key elements include accessibility of all areas, an expanded meeting/hospitality space on the main floor, development of a long-range plan for the use and expansion of the church space and grounds.

• Congregational Growth: Increase the active congregation to about 130 pledging families; growth within our parish enabling us to serve a wider cross-section of the community. (our numbers are growing though the number of pledging families remains stable).

• Staff: Raise Rector’s salary to Diocesan standards and provide “market” pay scale for our church staff; increase staffing levels to a full-time secretary, music director, Christian Formation/Education Director, buildings and grounds maintenance.

• Program and Ministries: Increase the size of the early service and add a third Sunday service; increase the number of people within the congregation engaged in pastoral care; continue our varied music program with visionary direction; expand Christian education beyond the current Sunday School classes to address middle school, high school and young adults; create active programs that attract youth and engage them in ministry; increase our commitment to local, state and international outreach; ensure full welcome and equal access at all church life activities to all parishioners and guests; increase the number of parish members involved in leadership. (substantial progress made in most of these areas).

• Systematize Parish Operations:  Establish a yearly parish operating plan for achieving annual goals and objectives; operating manual and procedures for key accounting, maintenance and administrative functions; improve the financial management of the church, including the creation of adequate reserves. (good progress to date on these).

• Financial Goals: Increase the budget to support expansion in staff and programs; increase the endowment fund to $50,000, and initiate planning for a capital campaign to build main level parish hall.

Definition of Key Terms

Evangelism is…Taking Christ’s love into the world through actions, thoughts and prayer.

Stewardship is…Using the gifts God has given us, to do the work God is calling us to do.

The Church of the Resurrection is trying to be a church of Jesus Christ. We are a progressive, welcoming, socially-engaged Episcopal parish in the south end of Eugene, Oregon. All are welcome here.

Development is…Nurturing and fostering the growth of people, the ministries and financial resources of the Church to carry Christ’s words and actions into the world.