April 27, 2023

  We are well into the Easter Season, which means that summer is right around the corner. Soon our Christian formation classes will wind down, the choir will begin its well earned summer recess, and Resurrection’s members will begin to travel. With our usual activities reduced, I am hoping this summer to give folks a few low commitment opportunities to spend some time together by forming a few relaxed summer groups.

  • An Altar in the Wilderness: Hiking. This group will hike together in the region, gathering at trail heads and putting on some miles then sharing prayer or even communion in the wild. Some hikes will be easier than others, but anticipate a few miles and some elevation gain. Don’t forget your “Ten Essentials” https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/day-hiking-checklist.html
  • Read, Mark, and Learn: Lectio Divina. This group will gather at the church for some conversation and contemplation in the tradition of lectio divina, or holy reading, using biblical passages, poetry, hymns, and other holy writing. Don’t worry if lectio divina is new to you, it is beautifully simple and we can teach you!
  • Consider the Sparrows: Birding. This group will feature gentle walks closer to town and will likely gather early in the morning in hope of spotting birds. Bring binoculars and a field guide if you have them and if you’ve never been birdwatching, we also have experienced birders among us who can help you chose appropriate equipment and learn about our feathered friends as we go.
  • Wine and Cheeses with Jesus: Lectionary Bible Study. This group will gather at church or in a home to share some refreshment and discuss the readings and sermon from the previous Sunday. That meant that if you go to church you won’t have any extra preparation! We’ll put together a schedule and hosting model when we first meet, but the gatherings will be BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible).

  These groups are intended to be relaxed and informal, with no assignments or attendance commitment. I will organize the first meetings in May and then going forward each group will continue on its own schedule, rotating hosts. While these groups are intended to fill space in the summer, they can certainly continue for as long as they would like. 
  The groups will work best with at least 6 persons participating. You’ll find sign-up sheets in the church on Sunday. or you can call or email to add your name. You don’t have to sign up to participate, but I will only schedule first gatherings of groups with enough interest. You will also find some sign-up forms with the name of the group left blank. If a different sort of group would interest you, write in a name and get it started.