August 17, 2023

New food pantry – Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard 

Last week, thanks to the efforts of Alex Daniel, we installed a new food pantry along the sidewalk near Hospitality village. It is designed to work along a model similar to Little Free Libraries. Anyone in the community who has food or toiletries they would like to share is free to leave it in the pantry and anyone in the community who is hungry is free to take what they need. Until such time as we can install rodent proof containers please limit your contributions to toiletries and food in cans, bottles and other nibble resistant packaging. We have no plans to stock food in the church to consistently maintain the pantry, so when Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is bare…. We hope that this is an effort that will include our whole community, and not just the parish. Our food basket for the UO campus food pantry will not be going away! 

Southeast Neighbors Picnic 

Southeast Neighbors neighborhood association will have its annual picnic in Tugman Park on Saturday, September 9 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. We hope to have a Resurrection booth at the picnic with information about Hospitality Village, Home Starter Kits, and of course our congregation. Being present and known in our neighborhood is an important way that the Church makes a difference in the world and reaches new people. I hope you will put on an ECOR sticker from the back of the church and come meet the neighbors. 

Rally Day 

Rally Day will be September 17 and is a time to regather our energy and get back into the swing of church after a long hot summer. It marks the restart of Christian Formation for all ages, the return of the choir, and some refreshing liturgical changes. It is also a great opportunity to highlight the many ministries of Resurrection. After the 10:30 service, during the POTLUCK, we’ll have some time to hear from ministry leaders about what their group does, what they’re planning for the year ahead, and how the congregation can help or even join in.  


I will be away for some R&R in the North Cascades from August 21 through September 5. During that time, please contact Deacon Lauri for pastoral and liturgical matters, Tina Heidrick for administrative matters, and Sr. Warden David Fredette for policy and other matters.