Jul 21 2024


11:45 am - 1:00 pm

11:45(ish) am Sunday Forum

In the world of Godly Play, the ordinary time of summer has the much more enticing name of the great, green growing time. It is a time to rest, reflect, and of course grow. Adult formation during the summer, unfortunately, is impractical. Our many and varied travel schedules make ongoing groups and classes awkward, as some of us will be absent one week and others the next and in a small church just a few missing may be more than half the group. I would, though, like to continue to provide opportunities for growth in wisdom and the knowledge and love of the Lord, so we’re going to try something a little different this summer. Instead of a class, after the 10:30 service we will have a forum, with a different topic each week. Beginning this Sunday, June 2, there will be a box in the back of the church with slips of paper. I invite you to write a topic you would like to discuss on a slip of paper and leave it in the box. Each week I will draw a topic at random to discuss the following Sunday and announce it here in the Tune-Up. Once we’ve had a chance to get some coffee and treats, those who are interested will gather for open discussion.

The topics can be ANYTHING. You might want to learn more about a particular spiritual practice, or the various theologies of the atonement. You might want to discuss church polity or the future direction Resurrection. You might want a community to help you think through a wider issue like Gaza or global climate change. You can suggest a favorite poem or hymn to discuss. You might want to hear about someone’s experience traveling in Central America or opinion of which social media platform is best. Depending on what is suggested, I might invite a member of the congregation or even a visiting expert to lead our conversation. Feel free to suggest as many topics as you would like. The only limit is that it must be something we can prepare for between Thursday and the following Sunday, so please don’t suggest a book study or discussion of more than a single chapter from the Bible.

I will leave all the suggestions in the pool all summer, so if yours is not chosen there is no need to suggest it again. If you want to be sure to be present for the discussion of you topic, please put your name on your suggestion so that when it is chosen I can confirm that you can join the conversation.

I’m looking forward to growing with you this great green season!