Good Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009
The Rev. Tasha Brubaker Garrison
Good Friday, Year B

Out of his anguish he shall see light. Out of anguish we shall see light. In the anguish of a dying man we are made whole. By the distortion, the perversion, of justice and of our relationships with each other he was taken away to be slaughtered. This man who broke laws and disturbed the peace and could be seen as guilty is yet not guilty. He exposes through his broken body our brokenness. He exposes through his silence our silences of which we dare not speak. Through his truth we see the truth of ourselves, that we are not what we pretend we are.

As we spend time at the cross and look to the dying Jesus what is the light we shall see? What is the meaning, the deepest, truest, profoundest meaning, of this cross? Is it merely to wipe the slate clean so we can repeat the story again, not learning, not moving forward? Or is it to expose a hidden truth that is dynamic, transforming and pulling us into a new life? Does it merely let us be or does it propel us into that God-driven reality of constant becoming?

What does this story, this event, this death show us? Out of this anguish what shall we see about our own heart and soul, about our own lives? Out of this anguish what shall we see about ourselves in our relationships with others? Out of this anguish what shall we see about the world around us?

As we sit at the cross, as we wait at the cross, let this story speak to us. May this anguish give the light of sight. May this anguish reveal to us the mystery of our God and our faith. May we listen. May we pause. May we open ourselves to be pierced by the nails. May he startle us…again. Amen.