Good Friday, April 2, 2010

What does one say after hearing this story, this Passion of Jesus of Nazareth? Nothing can capture its depth and power. We are meant to be moved, taken deep inside, to ponder this story of pain and promise. So rather than offer some words in response I am going to leave us with a few questions to consider for the next few minutes in silence and into the day to come.

The cross is violence compressed into one powerful moment and symbol. Is the violence and death necessary? Does God require it or is it we humans who require it? Where is God in this?

Where is the story of the cross still alive today? What Calvaries are happening this very moment here in our own city and nation and around the world? How do we embrace it and why does Jesus ask us to?

Christians use the word atonement to describe what happened on the cross. What does atonement mean to you? What is atoned for? How does it save us? What might we discover if we think of it as Julian of Norwich and others did: at-one-ment?