June 20, 2024

Sunday Forum

The Sunday Forum this week will move us from hagiology (Yes, there’s a word for the study of saints.), to pastoral care, to bible study. In this case we’ll discuss a very specific biblical question:  What does “the Son of Man” mean? How is the meaning different from “the Son of God”? Or is it?  Specific though the question is, the phrase is used 192 time in the King James Version, 84 of those are in the New Testament, and scholars have written volumes of exegesis, analysis, and speculation about the phrase and especially Jesus’ use of it. 

We won’t get to the bottom of things, but we’ll take some time to look at the biblical uses of the phrase, hear a little of what scholars hypothesize, and discuss what our interpretations mean for how we understand Jesus’ statements about himself.

As always, we’ll gather in the Yurt after the 10:30 service.