June 27, 2024

This week’s Sunday Forum will be a little different. I have a 1:00 commitment on the far side of town and will not be able to give much time to the forum. Rather than skipping a week or giving a topic short shrift, I sorted through the box and found two related requests for a very large topic that we will introduce this week and continue next week: Worship. One topic request was simply that, worship. The other was a list of more specific questions about the particulars of what we do and why we do it. Based on these two requests, this week we will talk about Worship in a general way, looking at the broad strokes of where our services came from. Then, once the rector has left, we’ll put together a shared list of “things we’ve always wondered” about worship in the church, from the proper names of vestments, implements, or bits of liturgy, to the meanings of various symbols, to the bigger “Why do we…?” questions. On Sunday July 7 we’ll take on the list we put together this week. If you can’t join us this week, but still have questions for next week, let me know and I’ll be sure they’re on the list. This two Sunday topic will help us to cover a little more ground and it will give me (Fr. B+) a chance to look up some answers. See you Sunday!