March 28, 2024

Good Friday Offering

As The Episcopal Church’s Good Friday Offering prepares to mark 102 years, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invites the whole church to an afternoon of sacred music and collective giving to support siblings in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Recorded at Christ and St. Luke’s Church, Norfolk, in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, A Concert for the Good Friday Offering will air online at 3 p.m. ET March 29 on The Episcopal Church’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website. Viewers will have the opportunity to make donations during the event to go toward the offering, also frequently gathered by churches during Good Friday services.

“We will not forget those caught in the crossfire between warring factions in the land where our Lord walked,” Curry writes in his annual Lent letter to Episcopal churches. “As we mark our Lord’s passion and death on Good Friday, we remember those whom he loves facing injustice and oppression today, and remember the urgency of love—true, sacrificial love.” Click here to read the rest.