May 11, 2023

It’s a little early, but it seems summer is here. 

  The Sunday after Easter is often called “low Sunday” because of a predictable decline in attendance. The pews usually fill back up before the summer slump, but this year that doesn’t seem to be happening. I haven’t heard about any new epidemics and my preaching hasn’t been particularly controversial, so I’m guessing that our summer travel and recreation season has come early. Here, then, are my annual summer reminders: 

  As you travel and visit other churches, please notice the things around you. How did the space make you feel welcome, or not? How did the congregation receive you and extend hospitality? How was the service similar or different and what did you like or dislike about it? Bring a bulletin back to share. 

  Giving always falls off during the summer months. As you travel, please help us by keeping an eye on your pledge. You can use your online banking to set up regular payments from your bank account, you can set up regular giving through Realm, or you can use PayPal. Learn more using the “Support us” menu on Resurrection’s web site . And if adventure travel is in your plans, before you go skydiving, swimming with sharks, or getting older, be sure to remember Resurrection’s endowment fund in your will. It’s a great way to be sure your parish has support through the decades and centuries to come. 

  Finally, remember as you travel that our, as we pray, God’s glory fills the whole creation and we find God present wherever we go and that your parish misses you and will welcome you home at your journey’s end.