November 23, 2023

Egan Warming Season Begins
As winter approaches the nights are getting colder and it looks like Egan Warming Center will be activated this weekend, possibly Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Since Egan takes precedence over any other activity at the church, worship services and other activities may well overlap with the presence of Egan’s guests and volunteers. Since worship services do not use the same space, both Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship will happen as usual, but since there may be many unfamiliar persons in the building, we recommend keeping a close watch on children. 

Please keep Egan’s employees, volunteers and those whom they serve in your prayers this weekend and throughout the winter.

Land Acknowledgement
The Church of the Resurrection is built on land stolen from the Kalapuya people. Although the sin was not our own, we continue to profit from it. 

The Diocesan Convention voted this year to ask all parishes in the diocese to formulate their own land acknowledgements for use in bulletins, worship services, newsletters, etc. It is a good thing to ask, and the Vestry is in the process of writing one particular to Resurrection. 

While they do raise awareness, land use statements are little more than empty virtue signaling without action to go with them. In the weeks ahead, I will be reaching out to the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Rhonde and to other local sources looking for ways in which we can learn about the people whom our ancestors displaced and how we might in some way begin to atone for their mistreatment and murder.  

I am excited about this project and would welcome some help as it progresses. If it interests you please ask how you can be involved.