October 12, 2023

This year’s stewardship theme, “Walking together” was inspired by the feeling that many of us shared as we proudly represented the Church walking in Eugene’s Pride Day march. It felt good to walk together as Resurrection in the world, and it felt good to walk with others in our local community, and it felt good to walk with those who cry out for justice. Through the year it feels good that we walk with unhoused persons and house them in Hospitality Village. It feels good to walk with the newly housed, helping them get their start with home starter kits. Sunday after Sunday, it feels good to gather around Word and Table and to know we will walk together with God and one another in the week ahead. 

This year’s pledge drive will help set the path we will walk together in the year ahead. This Sunday we will hear some of the nuts and bolts of our preliminary budget, pledge goal, and the budgeting process going forward and through the next weeks we’ll be hearing stories from several in the congregation of the ways they have walked with Resurrection through the years. We’ll have pledge packets for you to take home (and save a stamp!) and if you cannot attend you will receive yours in the mail soon. Our in-gathering date will be Sunday, December 3, the first Sunday of Advent. 

We cannot know the path we will walk, but we do know its end, and we do know that we walk it together, one prayer, one gift, one volunteer hour, one hug, one class, one bite, one sip, one step at a time.