Week of May 6, 2019: Adult Ed

An Adequate Concept of God

Philosophers Speak of God: William L. Reese, Charles Hartshorne: 9781573928151: Amazon.com: BooksCan God stop us from doing wrong? Does God “experience” events so that he/she can be surprised? Or does God know everything that is going to happen “from all eternity?” If God made everything from nothing, did he make it out of himself, or could he have made something “other” than himself? If God is perfectly happy, does that mean our devotion to him/her can’t make him happier than he/she already is? The Adult Ed sessions on four consecutive Wednesdays beginning May 1 will consider knotty questions like these in an attempt to get an Adequate Concept of God. The reading of the Introduction to Philosophers Speak of God will be given in a handout. Ed Lawry will lead the sessions.