Realm @ COR

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Welcome to Realm @ COR!

Realm is a modern, “cloud-based” system that connects Resurrection’s administration, accounting, and community in one place.

Become Part of Realm

To become a member of Realm you need to get an invitation email. These emails include the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection email address and our logo. In the email below where it says “Create an account” there will be a link to click which will take you to the Resurrection Realm. There you will be asked to create and confirm a new password. While this will probably be easier done from a computer, it should work on a smartphone. If you would like to get an invitation e-mail, contact the church office.

Realm will send you a verification email and your phone number to confirm your identity. Now you are an active member of COR’s Realm system! Create a Realm bookmark in your browser for convenience sake.

Things to Do on Realm

Verify the information in your profile. Is the picture right, does it show the correct address and phone number, are your household members correct, and are your group memberships (if any) accurate? Let Robbie or the office know if anything seems amiss.

Download the Realm app onto your smart phone, if you want. You can use Realm without using the smartphone app, which only provides some of Realm’s functionality. Go to an App Store and search for “Realm.” You will see an app called “Connect – Our Church Community” by ACS Technologies. That’s the app you want. It’s free, so go ahead and download it. The app is called “Realm Connect” on the iPhone. Go ahead and log in using the same password you just created in Realm. You’re all set now to access Realm from your smartphone!

Use the app. Find the buttons along the bottom (News, Communications, Events, Giving, and More) and select More, then Groups (at the top). Everyone at COR is a member of the “Episcopal Church of the Resurrection” group. Members of groups can communicate privately within the group, see group-related events, access group-related files, and see a meeting schedule.

If you get stuck or would just like help getting through the process, let us know! Please contact the church office.