Realm @ COR FAQ


Realm is a closed system, sometimes referred to in the online world as a “walled garden.” What this means is that unlike Facebook and other social media, Realm information is not exposed to the Internet. The only people who can see your information and pictures are those that you specify—at most it is everyone at Resurrection but it could be limited to Resurrection staff or just the groups you belong to.

Mobile app

The Realm system that one accesses from their laptop or personal computer is the fully functional version of Realm. The Realm mobile app has a subset of the most commonly used functions. People may want to create a bookmark on the computer for so they can easily access it (the bookmark would be set in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or whatever browser they use).

Resurrection Ministries = Realm Groups

In order to get the most out of Realm, ministry leaders should set up and configure their groups, including adding all group participants. This is where the real benefits of Realm come, with easier group communications, event management, accessible files and information, and more.


Households correspond to legacy directory entries; in Realm everyone has an individual profile—even if they are part of a family. Other household/family members are listed in the Profile under “Family” on the right-hand side of the Profile display. For technical reasons, each household needs to have a “Primary” member indicated; this was done based on alphabetical order within the household.


There’s a directory in Realm, available to everyone who has logged into the system. The directory lists name, email, phone and picture (if available). Address and other info can be seen for an individual by going to their Profile directly. Note that the directory is not available through the Realm smartphone app, only through their web app.


Resurrection members can maintain their own profile, including making changes to address, phone, etc but also adding and updating pictures. There’s room for two pictures on each profile, so people might consider having a personal picture as well as a family picture. Think of maintaining your Realm profile the same way you’d maintain your Facebook or Instagram personal information—no more contacting the office with address or phone number changes—just update your profile yourself!